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attack! titan jhs LWP

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"Attack on Titan" spin-off work "attack! titan junior high school"live wallpaper app appeared!Home screen to "attack! titan junior high school", it will Moriageyo fun!
"attack! titan junior high school Live Wall Paper "has a rich kind of wallpaper!Method of setting the wallpaper is easy!
The transition to the setting screen the home screen with double-tap!Let's try to select from all eight of wallpaper in your favorite from setting screen!"attack! titan junior high school with smartphone giant junior high school "is anywhere anytime!
◆◆ live wallpaper setting method ◆◆1. From the Home screen press and hold → 2. the "live wallpaper" from the tap → 3. List Select This content
◆◆ compatible models · OS ◆◆Android2.1 or more correspondence(Android4.0 or more recommended)
◆◆ advance! Giant junior high school series of apps in the acclaimed delivery! ◆◆·attack! titan junior high school battery widget
·attack! titan junior high school clock widget
·attack! titan junior high school lock app
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